Brendan originally started to learn music on Piano when he started taking lessons at the age of ten. As his musical taste developed, he wanted to be able to play the songs he was listening to. This wasn’t so easy on the Piano so he started to look at other instruments.
He learned to play guitar by watching family and friends play and asking them to show him how they played certain chords! Soon he was able to play a few bar chords and was able to piece together songs by knowing the chords. He was able to pick up how to play songs by listening to them and finding the right notes on the guitar and then playing the cords.

He wrote his first song when he was 15 and he kept on writing and learning new songs from then. At the age of 17 he started to play publicly but wasn’t confident in his playing. He entered a competition and took a risk to play original songs. He did not progress past the first stage and this was a knock to his confidence that stopped him playing publicly for a long time.

In January 2009 he Joined Weight Watchers. He was obese and was aware that something needed to be done. Over the course of the following 11 months he lost over 8 Stone and as he lost the weight his confidence started to grow in himself.

In February 2010 after attending an open mic weekly for some months, He got the courage to play at the open mic. The response from the people was overwhelming and week after week he returned and played at the open mic.

In early 2011, Brendan, along with three other friends (Eoin Grenham, Kyle McCallan and Thomas Melville), formed Bite The Killer Cat. They had planed to start a covers band with the odd original thrown in but as more and more band practices happened this changed to them becoming an original act with the odd cover song thrown in.

In his solo career, Brendan has been lucky enough to play some headline shows as well as supporting acts such as No.1 Selling artist, Jamie Lawson.

With Bite The Killer Cat, Brendan has enjoyed headline gigs in venues such as The Passionfruit Theatre in Athlone and Corrigans Kitchen in Monaghan. They have also played in venues such as Monroes in Galway and more Recently, Whelans in Dublin.

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