In The Studio!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how the Studio going these days so I decide to do a very quick post and a small video to give a little update on it! The video is only a minute long and contains small parts from 4 songs.. Have a look! (Somehow got a ghost affect when playing around in Premier!)


There are no vocals whatsoever in that video so I’m hoping to put another similar one together to include parts with vocals so it can be heard how the overall mix is coming along!


So a brief summary of what’s happened over the last 2 years….

I’ve been in and out of Lakeland Studios now since the start of 2014 and things have been working away nicely! In 2014 we had about 5 sessions and got the guts of 6 songs recorded! In 2015, due to work commitments I only managed 1 session but walked away with 1 song recorded, 1 song half recorded and one of the previous songs slightly mixed! So far in 2016 there been two sessions and we’ve recorded 3 songs, 2 of which are song’s that I’ve had for years and were part of the Bite The Killer Cat days! Although the recordings are of the same songs, they’re very different from what they were in Bite The Killer Cat!

We’ve pretty much hit the end of recording new songs now so it’s time to move on to recording little bit’s here and there to add to songs and then mixing.

Once mixing is complete the tracks get sent to master and then it’s the fun part of deciding about How to release (Digital, Vinyl, CD, Tape or a mix), Artwork, Track order and things like this! But sure that’s ages away yet!


That’s it for now, If I’ve another video I’ll do another small post about it! Thanks!

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