TrackingAssistant SP – How To!

The TrackingAssistant app has been updated recently (and another update is on the way!) and I wanted to do up a quick post about how to use the SP Calculator.

To show this I’m going to go through 2 scenarios…

  1. You’re hungry and you want a bagel… And end up having two!
  2. You’re baking and need to use 375g of flour



Scenario 1! I want two Bagels!

First, here is the list of images to reference.. Click on them to enlarge and go through them!

In the first two images you can see the bagels I’m pointing and the nutritional content for them.
Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels… I find these cure my sweet tooth!
So we have these bagels and we want to see how many SmartPoints these are going to cost.
If you look at the nutritional content image you can see that it has content per 100g and it also has content per bagel. For this, I’m going to work with the per bagel values.

To work out the points the first thing I do is open up the app and I get the calculator screen as seen in image 3. Then, I input the values from the label from the ‘per bagel‘ column as seen in image 4!
At this point, if you just want the one bagel the you don’t need to put in any more information, the bottom two fields can be left empty! These are only needed if you want more or less amount than the nutritional content specifies.

In this case, I’m having an off day and I want TWO bagels!!
Because I have used the nutritional value ‘per bagel‘ this means that I have put in the information for One Bagel. Because of this, I put in a value of 1 for the value per field as in the fifth image!
And because I want two bagels, this means I am having TWO Servings so I put in a value of 2 into the servings field!
Then press Calculate and that’s it! Ouch… 14SP.. I might just stick with the one!


Scenario 2! I’m baking and using 375g of Flour!

So again, here are a few images for reference! Click on them to enlarge and see clearer if needed!

So in Scenario 2, I’m baking something and I’m using 375g of Odlums Plain Flour.
In image 1 and 2 you can see the flour and the nutritional content that I’m using for this! The nutritional content has values for per 100g but I want to get the value of 375g
So I open the app to the calculator (image 3) and input the values per 100g into the app as in image 4.
Once this is done, because the Nutritional content is for 100g, this means that in the Value Per field, I need to enter 100.
Now we come to the servings field. We are going to be using 375g so this means that we are going to be having a 375g serving so we need to enter 375 in here as in image 6.
And that’s it! Hit calculate and we can see that 375g of Odlums Plain Flour will cost a grand total of 36SP!

If you weren’t sure how to use the Value Per and the servings field, I hope this helps! If you have any questions you can catch me on twitter or facebook! Thanks!


Also, If you haven’t got the Tracking Assistant app and would like to install them… Here are the links!
On Android Phones Click here:
Get it on Google Play


on iPhones/iPads Click here:
Get it on the AppStore

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