New Song! ‘All Your Reasons’

Today I decided to record a quick one take video of one of the song’s I’m recording out in Lakeland Studios.
The song is called ‘All Your Reasons’ and I wrote it a little while back. We have tracked it in the studio and it’s sounding huge! It’s going to be one of the more catchy songs on the Album/EP/Digipack/Whatever it is I release, when I put the songs out into the world… Well, I make that assumption based on the fact that I’ve had a few mates complain that it’s getting stuck in their heads!

Anyway, Here’s the video! Let me know what you think over on Facebook or Twitter!

Oh, Funfact number 1… The font at the end is actually a form of my handwriting! I created the font last week! (I’m a nerd!)
Funfact number 2… This was my first time using Adobe Premier!


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