John Mayer

If I’m honest, John Mayer is one of them artists that I turned my nose up at for a long time because I just assumed he was an ego with a guitar. A kind of, “Yeah, I’m sure he’s good, but his ego pisses me off” attitude. He himself has proclaimed that he is a recovered ego addict so maybe my assumptions weren’t too far wrong.

Somewhere in the last 12 – 18 months, my friends convinced me to give him a chance and how my opinion has changed. Sure he has an ego, but he admits it and he actually is entitled to it. Hey has some brilliant songs that I could listen to on repeat countless times.

He has also played with some great artist over the years and more recently he took over a late night talk show for 3 nights.

(Look at that pink Jackson guitar!!)

Why am I writing this now you ask? Because I’ve been listening to his music non-stop all week. I’ve listened to a few live shows on YouTube and a few other acoustic videos he has done. There is one song in particular that I have listened to over and over again called “Queen of California”. If you have the time, take a listen here

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