The Civil Wars

So today I find myself slightly hungover (Work Open Mic and also beer club! See here – http://wp.me/p3XWr4-pI) while moving house and also needing to do some day job weekend work too! I found myself in need of some background music and when I went to youtube, I found myself searching for “The Civil Wars“.

I first came across The Civil Wars from watching ‘Nashville’, There’s a scene where two waiting staff in a cafe get on stage at an Open Mic in the place where they work and sing “If I didn’t know better” which is a song by The Civil Wars.

I started to follow them and found that they are a band that focus a lot on acoustics, harmonies and seem to keep things simple in their music, all traits that I personally love.

So today when I was looking for music, I put their name into youtube and stumbled across this concert from them.

It’s basically an acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies with the odd bit of piano here and there.

The concert as a whole is great, well worth the listen from end to end but if you don’t have the time for that, I suggest checking out the two cover songs they play from it

You are my sunshine – Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

Disarm – The Smashing Pumpkins

They are currently on hiatus and working on individual projects but you can check out more from them at the following links
The Civil Wars Facebook
Joy Williams Facebook
John Paul White Facebook

To hear more, check them out on Spotify

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