Jon Gomm

Last night I took a trip to the capital to see Jon Gomm ( Twitter | Facebook ) play in The Button Factory ( Twitter | Facebook ). It was a relatively last minute decision as, Although I had known about the gig for sometime, I forgot to buy tickets until Thursday! I saw a mate had gone to see him in The Roisin Dubh in Galway and it reminded me! So on Thursday I went to The Button Factory’s website and picked up 2 tickets at the very reasonable price of €15 per ticket!

Prior to the gig, my knowledge of Jon Gomm’s back catalog was minimal. There is that song I listened to on repeat for a week solid but could never remember the name and that cover song that he plays. All which escaped my mind until last night that is!

I arrived slightly late into The Button Factory and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door to see and hear The Radioactive Grandma ( Twitter | Facebook ) blasting a few songs out, a band which I have supported with Bite The Killer Cat in the past! The few songs I caught by these were excellent. If you don’t know these lads, you should check them out!

When Jon Gomm took to the stage he opened with that song I listened to on repeat for a week solid, Which I now know is called Telepathy. This set the tone of the night which was amazement, admiration and complete bewilderment as to what I was seeing! The sounds that this man can make with a guitar and a few pedals is mind boggling!

After Telepathy he started chatting with the audience and suggested that requests be shouted to him for the night as he had to decided to not use a set list and to just wing it. There was a few requests shouted and were taken on board and were played but before he moved on to them, he started telling the back story to the Wukan Motorcycle Kid song. I won’t go into the story because I wouldn’t do it justice and also, You really should go to one of his shows and hear it for yourself

The rest of the night followed on like that. it was an extremely relaxed night listening to Jon tell stories and explain songs and he even threw in a guitar lesson! If you ever get the chance to catch this man live, I recommend it, especially if you are a musician! I expect you will enjoy the whole night while at the same time having your head in your hands trying to figure out how in the hell all of it is possible!

And now…… CHAKA KHAN

P.S.. I didn’t take any photos at the gig as I’m trying to stop doing that using my phone.. but here’s a pretty cool photo that Jon took from stage!

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