Battle of the Bands – Semi-Final 2014

Bite The Killer Cat entered into the Prince Bar Battle of the Bands 2014 and we were lucky enough to get through to the semi-final (SPOILER! And now the final!)

In the semi-final we went up against a band called ‘Downward Spiral’. They had some great tunes and even though they said they had only performed two gigs with their current singer, it didn’t show!

We decided that we were going to something different for this one, We were going to put a dress code of sorts in place!! We decided on shirts but we didn’t want to look like a wedding band so it was ‘A shur a shirt or something yano’ kind of dress code!

When it came to start the set my amp said no. Refused to work. I hadn’t a clue what was going on and, to be honest, I’m still not really sure I know what happened!

Downward Spiral we damn nice to offer their amp to me then and there and within 5 minutes we had amps changed and we’re playing the set! It was a seriously enjoyable gig. The dress code was different but fun! It added a whole extra level of heat on to giggine!

When it came to time for the judges to announce who the winners of the night, I wasn’t sure which band I would hear called out! Thankfully it was us who were announced to go through to the final and we will take part in that on May 1st! So far, Fellow Athlonians ‘Black Dice’ are confirmed to play in the final! There is one more act to go through and that will be decided on April 24th!

Check out some photos of our Semi-Final below!

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