Guitar Project

Years and years ago I decided to re-paint an electric guitar that was lying around the house. The brand name on the headstock was ‘Legend’ and I have no idea what model number it was!

I saw it recently and decided that I would try give it the paint job that it deservers so took to taking it apart and sanding it down. Once it was sanded down to the wood, It was time to start painting it!

I was conscious that if I painted it with it lying flat on the counter that it would inevitably leave paint bubbles on the finish. To get around this I found a long piece of wood and attached it where the neck would go. Then I attached this off a rafter in the garage so it left the guitar hanging from the ceiling!

Once this was done, I gave it three coats of white primer and then two coats of green paint with metal flake (I think) through it! Once all that was done and I was happy with it, I sprayed it with a clear lacquer! Check out the end results in the photos below!

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