Battle of the bands and other bits and bobs.

So I’m on lunch from work, sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my food to arrive and I decided to update the site while waiting (this mobile posting Craic is awful handy!)

Anyway, so the battle of the bands.. Amazing time! We got through our initial heat! We were up against a band called full of exits. Were couldn’t decide what cover to play (We thought we should play one) so we did an online poll via Facebook. We offered a choice of 6 tracks and were going to pick the winner! I can’t remember what all 6 songs were but I do remember that the winner was Rockin’ in the free world(Neil Young) and that the runner up was Dancin’ in the moonlight(Thin Lizzy)! I remember these two because we love these tunes so we decided to play both! It was a great night and thankfully we got through! For getting through we got this savage piece if Athlone crystal to acknowledge that we got through!!

We then got through to the semi final heat which was two weeks later. We got a 30 minute set for this as we were up against 3 other bands (Knots, Midnight Roots and The Quakers). Well we played our hearts out. I dunno about the lads but my plan was to be more energetic than before and more chatty to the crowd than before… I had a fee pints before the gig while setting up, loosen up the vocals yano?? And sure when we started gigging I just had fun. I moshed during songs, swayed during songs, messed with vocals on tracks and had the Craic with the crowd.. By far my favorite gig to date.. Unfortunately we didn’t get through. But jaysus, what a way to go out! Knots and The Quakers went through and deservedly so! They are great bands and I’m sure have a great future in music!

So what’s next. We’re playing in the Roisin in Galway on may 22nd and we’re sussing out more gigs.
One thing I’m excited for is that we’ve found a band that are quite similar to us so I think it could be good to do some gigs with them as we would have the same sort of fan base. They also seem interested in this too so could be some awesome gigs in the horizon! Watch this space!!

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