Battle Of The Bands in The Prince Bar

So there is a Battle Of The Bands running in The Prince Bar in Athlone and Bite The Killer Cat are playing at it on the 11th of April! The first round started last Thursday (Feb 28th) and the last round is actually the night that we’re playing (April 11th). So that means there is 7 weeks of heats.
The way it works is; Two bands play in each heat. There is a panel of (I think) three judges and they decide the winning band on the night!
Once the initial seven weeks are over, Then there is a Semi-Final and a Final. The winning act of this open mic wins an incredible €8,000. That value is made up of equipment, recording time and some cash too.
It would be incredible to win this so we are going to be putting in a good bit of effort for it! I’m sure this won’t be my last post on it so if I’ve forgotten anything at the minute I’m sure I’ll mention it in the next post about this!

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