Windings Gig, The After!

What a night! Sadly, The turnout was nowhere near as high as I anticipated or hoped for, but the quality of music was savage! Cathal McCormack was excellent. Although solo on the night he played some JP13 songs and also played some new material! He even brought out the Ukulele for a song which I was delighted to see!

New Valley Wolves we’re one band I didn’t get to see soundcheck so when they took to the stage I really didn’t know what to expect. They did not disappoint. For just two guys (One on Electric Guitar, One on Drums), They were seriously loud and by loud I mean the kind of loud I like. Feedback, Distortion, Snare and a kick drum that could induce a heart murmur! They we’re excellent. If you see them on a lineup, do your best to catch them.

The Radioactive Grandma unfortunately I missed a good bit of their set because I had to drop the car home so I could have a pint! But I did see them soundcheck. They played about 4 songs during the soundcheck they we great. A lot of energy on then. The lead guitarist spent most of the time playing the higher end of the guitar with the acoustic guitar holding most of the rhytm but still playing lead at the same time. And how the Cajon player could play that long without his hands going numb, with or without gloves is beyond me!

Windings had just gone on stage when I got back to the gig. I think they were about two songs in! They we’re incredible. Energetic, Technical and funny. Great combination from a band to keep you interested and entertained! I suggest finding a gig of theirs and going to see them while you can. These guys are nominated for a choice award and I see big things for them very soon! Here is a link to a personal favorite song of theirs called ‘This Is A Conversation’ You can hear, and more importantly, BUY, their albums from their bandcamp page or from iTunes (The iTunes link isin’t working on my laptop but it should be so I’ve added it anyway. If it’s not working for you you can just search the store for them and you’ll find them!)

The night overall was a success from a music point of view. It’s just a pity there wasn’t more people who showed up to be in the crowd! Mayebe next time!

If you want to get your hands on a physical copy of all these acts music (And many many more original Irish Acts) call into your local Wingnut Records shop! Here’s the page for my local one – Wingnut Athlone in Midland Sound Factory

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