Songs, Songs & More songs!

So this week I have been writing a few songs and haven’t quiet got them to a point where I want to record them just yet (This will happen soon) but I was looking over at my soundcloud and it’s crazy how just the Title of a song can bring back memories!

This song is one that I wrote when I was in France last year. I was in Lyon with work and I was travelling on my own. I was about 4 weeks into travelling at this stage so it was getting a bit boring sitting in my hotel room on my own each night. So I ended up buying an acoustic guitar over there to help pass the time! I got known for playing music in the hotel but people didn’t seem mind!
One evening I was chatting to mates in different parts of the world online and I stumbled upon a little line that I liked the sound of it. That was the start of this song.
I stopped chatting to the mates and kept playing the line over and over. Then I started singing random things and writing down what I was singing. At the same time I had some lyrics that I had been writing for a different song lying about and I started to steal lines from that! About ten minutes later I had completed ‘You Are’

What do you think of it? Let me know on twitter!

Here is another soundcloud link to me doing a cover of “Who’s Lovin’ You” by Michael Jackson. I recorded this for Livewires on Athlone Community Radio! I was quite surprised to see how many listens it had! It’s always nice to see that!

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