In the last two weeks I have spent time in the studio with Bite The Killer Cat ( Website / Facebook ). We spent 5 days in total in Lakeland Studios in Glasson. We did live tracking. So basically, We go in, setup out amps/drums/etc and then spend a bit of time getting mics setup and getting things sounding right when recording. Once we get the sound we’re looking for then we play the songs! We keep playing the song until we get a take we’re happy with. In time, No bum notes and all that craic! Once we get a take of the guitars/bass/drums we’re happy with, then we overdub vocals and other instruments. It went really well and I like this style of recording. It’s fun and can be a good bit quicker (If the songs are exceptionally well rehearsed. And if you’re not hungover which I was one or two of the days!)

The Studio itself was excellent. Really nice setup. Comfy and relaxing control room with a piano in it. Spacious sound room with a sweet drum kit and an Organ. There was also a deadly Ampeg Tube Bass amp there to be used (Courtesy of Colm Noonan from TV After Midnight). The Guy who runs the place, Mike O’Dowd, is really cool and funny guy. Very easy to work with and he is a complete genius when it comes to music too. With his help we managed to change our songs without changing them too much, if that makes any sense. Our songs are essentially what they were when we went to the studio, but his suggestions and out messing around on different instrument with overdub’s have just added to the songs and made them even fuller.

If you are a budding musician who is thinking about going to a studio, I highly recommend going to Lakeland. All info about it can be found on the Facebook Page!

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