New Video!

Okay, So I have been really really busy with music lately (It’s great!). It basically started with Acoustic Audio on a Wednesday, Then I went to The Open Mic on Thrusday. Friday I was in my day job. The Sat/Sun I was recording with Bite The Killer Cat in Lakeland Studios. Then on Tuesday Bite The Killer Cat were gigging in Whelans (I shit you not, Whelans in Dublin! Massive moment in my life!). Then Wed it was Acoustic Audio again and on Thursday I was asked to run The Open Mic! Anyway, For some reason, Over all these music adventures, a common compliment was paid to me numerous time! That I have an Eddie Vedder singing voice. This is mind blowing for me because he is one of my many musical hero’s and to be compared to him is just incredible! Anyway, I took this on board and decided that I wanted to try cover an Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam song for the craic.

I remembered then that I used to sing ‘The End’ by Pearl Jam (Live Eddie Vedder Version) and a good friend of Niall used to asked me to sing it a good but because it was a song that really stretched my voice. So that was it. Decision made. I setup the mac and started recording the song. It took for times to get the guitar right (I never used to play the guitar on it so I was getting the middle bit wrong) and I got the vocal down in one take! Happy Days!

I was about to upload it to soundcloud and the I realised that I put everything up on soundcloud and I should try have some stuff on youtube too. With it being youtube, it needed a video. I didn’t want to just have lyrics, or still’s put up. So, I mounted my phone on the dash of my car and hit record. I think drove out towards the bands practice area recorded the trip. I then cut out a section of the video and sped it up too twice the speed and the put the music to it. It’s not an amazing video, but he, it’s something different and now I have one more video of me singing on youtube!

You can check the video out here.

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Here’s the soundcloud version of it!

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